Alliance Record 5 September 1891 page 227

A section of the 10th Annual Report of the Victorian Alliance

presented at the 1891 Vctorian Alliance conference

Special attention has been given during the latter half of the year to the question of


a term happily aged by Mrs. Wm. McLean as better expressing the principle of equal voting power for both sexes than the old fashion “woman’s franchise.” A standing committee has been formed from the Executives of the W.C.T.U. and the Victorian Alliance for the purpose of bringing the question to a successful issue. In May a large and influential deputation, numbering at least 200 persons waited upon the Premier to ask for an introduction into Parliament of a measure giving the suffrage to women. Such a measure is promised for the present session. Even if it do not pass, its inclusion in the Government programme has brought the question with which it deals into the arena of practical politics, and the Premier is entitled to the best thanks of reformers for this alone. With a view of refuting the statement that women do not want the suffrage, a


to the Parliament is being prepared. It sets forth:- " That government of the people, by the people, by the people, and for the people, should mean all the people, and not one- half. That taxation and representation should go together without regard to the sex of the taxed. That all adult persons should have a voice in making the laws which they are required to obey. That, in short, women should vote on equal terms with men," and that Parliament will pass a “measure for conferring the Parliamentary franchise upon women, regarding this as right which they most earnestly desire.” Through the branches of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, and with the help of other Temperance organisations, this petition is being largely signed, and further co-operation in securing signatures in earnestly solicited.